Buy One

The Arup Skiff is not currently readily available for sale and the Arup Skiff class will not be founded without ISAF’s partnership.

However, the Arup Skiff measures as a UK Cherub and the Arup bid was with the support of the UK Cherub class. So there are currently at least four ways to obtaining a very similar boat:

1)      Aardvark : Aardvark own all the female tooling used to make Marmite (the green one) and can be approached directly to make you a boat.

2)      BloodAxe : A builder familiar with building Cherubs. Currently Andy has tooling for an E5, but can build almost anything.

3)      UK Cherub fleet. Check the web site to look at the current second hand boats available or they can help you learn everything you need to make one from scratch.      (the 2010 nationals winning “Antidote to panel games “ is currently for sale).

4)      Email If there is interest for more than 5 boats, then we have a company who can put together a small production run of the Arup Skiff to be raced as UK Cherubs.

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